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Anne Waithra Burke - BOM.png
Anne Waithra Burke - Director


Anne is a mother of 2 and an activist. Originally from Kenya, She has worked and lived in Greystones for more than 10 years. Anne believes and fights for equality, representation and justice for marginalized people. She brings a unique perspective to the Board of GFRC.


Career overview & current position 

Anne is working as a Development Education Officer in AkiDwA, (National network for migrant women in Ireland). She has also worked as an Administrator, Youth Leader, beauty and holistic therapist and retail assistant.


Education, Qualifications & Awards 

Anne is currently studying a BA in Social Science and Cultural Innovation at Dublin City University. She holds certificates in Community Development, Beauty and Holistic Therapy, ECDL and Hotel Management


Personal Statement 

Anne is interested in politics, equality and justice. She is passionate and committed to Gender equality and the continued fight to end all forms of discrimination in society.

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